I wanna do a halloween fanon where Ferb dreams everyone is a monster i need help with decding some

Phineas: Vampire

Ferb: Goozim (Credit to: Goth)

Isabella: Medusa (she'll keep accidentally turning people to stone)

Connor: Werewolf (he'll be unable to be petrified because he's technically not a human)


Irving: Frankenstein

Candace: Witch

Stacy: Godzilla (Credit to: P&I4EVAH!)

Perry: Hydra

Baljeet: Mummy (Credit to: Fossy)

Buford: Ogre

Jenna: Ghost (Credit to: Fossy)


TotalDramaRox97 You have Mexican flavored gum? Mexican's not a flavor. 18:11, October 5, 2011 (UTC)

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