Thats right its contibuing and just so u can remembe rthe tasks heres a recap of them


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Gretchen & Adyson rip open their clue

Make you way to Guadalajara Mexico

[2]Added by TotalDramaRox97 [3]Added by TotalDramaRox97 [4]Added by TotalDramaRox97
American Airlines (5:30 PM) Air Mexico (6:00 PM) Air Bucharest (6:30 PM
Gretchen & Adyson Dill & Katie Phineas & Ferb Heinz & Vanessa Monty & Marilyn Buford & Baljeet
Anthony & Juan Candace & Stacy Pete & Peter Connor & Celeste
1. Make your way to Estadio Jalisco you take taxi[5]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) ab) bc) cd) d

2. You take route (choose 2)

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) d

e) e

f) f

g) g

h) h

3. You get lost you

a) turn right

b) go straight

c) turn left

4. THIS QUESTION IS ONLY FOR REALLY BIG HAT NO ONE ANSWER THIS BUT HER [6]Added by TotalDramaRox97For coming last on the last leg Buford & Baljeet have incurred a Dead End. A Dead End is where they get a hint to where a clue no other team has to get and the find that place

This hospital in Guadalajara is the biggest in all of Latin America and haqs been standing since the 1700's for over 200 years

5. Fast Forward [7]'Added by TotalDramaRox97'This is the first of two Fast Forwards in the race the first team to win'[8]'Added by TotalDramaRox97'the Fast Forward can skip all tasks and go straight to the Pit Stop. In this Fast Forward teams can go to Esatdio Omnilife and search the stadium for the current match ball for Copa Libertadores and then give the ball to the referee and they will be able to skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop'[Risk: 70 min]

5. You

a) go for it

b) don't go for it

5.1. [only if you answered A for 5] You search (order it)

a) field

b) locker room

c) seats

6. Who is the athlete? '[9]'Added by TotalDramaRox97'In this Roadblock one member will have to kick a ball into the goal from the middle of the field. There are enough balls and spaces for everyone. Once the member kicks the ball into the goal they will receive their next clue.'Who does it? [if wrong +7 min]

7. You kick

a) hard

b) soft

8. You use

a) Technique A

b) Technique B

c) Technique C

9. Make your way to what used to be Guggenheim Museum you take[10]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) Taxi Ab) Taxi Bc) Taxi Cd) Taxi D

10. You take route

a) a

b) b

c) c

11. When you arrive you go

a) left

b) right

12. Make your way to Telmex Auditorium[11]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) Taxi Ab) Taxi Bc) Bus Ad) Bus B

13. You take

a) route a

b) route b

14. Find a Travelocity roaming gnome you search for (order them) [for each wrong one +5 min][12]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) Normal Gnomeb) Scuba Gnomec) Miner Gnomed) Pirate Gnomee) Chef Gnome

f) Doctor Gnome

g) Goth Gnome

h) Nerd Gnome

i) Vampire Gnome

j) Hobo Gnome

15. Make your way to Plaza Del Sol you take taxi[13]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) ab) bc) c

16. You take route

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) d

17. You do


Picture '[14]'Added by TotalDramaRox97

Pitcher '[15]'Added by TotalDramaRox97

In Picture, teams have to go to the electronic store and look through all of cameras and find a picture of their next destination which they will know by The Amazing Race clue in the corner once they find it they will get their next clue.

In Pitcher, teams have to drink coffee cups till they find the one with a tiny clue in the cup once they find it they will receive their next clue you do

a) Picture slowly and carefully c) Pitcher slowly and carefully
b) Picture fast and carelessly d) Pitcher quickly and carelessly
18. Go to the food court where you have to eat a plate of grasshoppers you pick[16]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) plate ab) plate bc) plate c

19. You eat

a) quickly

b) slowly

c) randomly

20. Phineas & Ferb vomit (+10 min)
21. Make your way to the World Trade Center Guadalajara you take[17]Added by TotalDramaRox97a) taxi ab) taxi bc) taxi c

22. You take route

a) a

b) b

c) c

23. Say your title quote

Pit Stop Arrivals 1st: Dill & Katie (7:06 PM)

2nd: Anthony & Juan (9:52 PM)

3rd: Phineas & Ferb (10:56 PM)

4th: Connor & Celeste (11:13 PM)

5th: Buford & Baljeet (11:25 PM)

6th: Grethen & Adyson (11:48 PM)

7th: Heinz & Vanessa (11:56 PM)

8th: Candace & Stacy (12:21 AM)

9th: Monty & Marilyn (1:22 AM)

10th: Pete & Peter-ELIMINATED

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